Who we are

Commitment, insight, cognition, development and a continuous search for better quality, for over thirty years. We have become leaders in the production of pipes and components for aeraulic systems, thanks to our determination, and our success with small and large projects.

The customer as one of us.

A aeraulic system must be chosen according to the intended use in the premises where it is to be installed. We can help you to better understand your needs. Our customers want to be cooled or warmed without problems. It is now possible to better control the climate of your environment. We are ready to work with you to find energy-efficient solutions for an air conditioning system which will maximise comfort in your environment. Experience a sense of lightness and freshness!


AERCOIB DI CECCO Srl. is at the MIPIM FAIR 2015    

  • Innovation is in the air

Our products

We offer our private and public, domestic and foreign clients the following range:

Metal pipe, rectangular cross-section

Metal tubes, rolled and spiral circular cross-section

Insulated metal pipes, rectangular cross-section

Insulated metal pipes, circular cross-section

Insulation materials

Smoke extraction piping

Cogeneration pipe plants

Painted extraction systems

Extraction flues and chimneys

Hoods and aspiration systems

Expansion joints

Earthquake-proof fixtures

Air curtains

  • Primary objectives: quality, research and innovation.



A path of quality taken every day by our team in order to grow and respond quickly to market needs. A large and diverse production that represents the professional competence of a group that continues to make history.


Aeraulic systems

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